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Importance of Image

In todays time of the domination of the internet and social media we are consumed by images everyday. From social platforms such as, Instagram and Twitter to advertisements and commercials filling our feeds with images top to bottom. We live in a world where image is detrimental to support a subject. It’s apart of marketing. The audience needs something to capture their attention to the subject. Have you ever watched a music video that was captivating, but the song wasn’t all that great? That’s an example of marketing.

You can be the best rapper in your city, sell the sharpest clothes on the block and be the coolest person you know. None of that will go anywhere if you have not established your brand image to showcase how put together you are.

We see it all the time. There are tons of celebrities who lack talent even likability, but their main key to success is having a team and a big piece of that team are their creative director/stylist and publicist. The famous quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a valid idiom, but if it didn’t have a cover how would it attract your attention? Even if the topic doesn't interest you the cover is what caught your eye in the first place. As a fashion stylist and creative director it is our job to establish an image for our clients that not only represents what their brand stands for, but also to make a lasting impression for their audience. Brand image also creates recognition. Brands such as; Telfar, Gucci, and Nike are recognized through their logos. Celebrities as well. Beyoncé is recognized by her golden locks, Nicki Minaj for her bob and booty, Michael Jacksons sparkling glove, H.E.R's sunglasses and Nelly's band-aid. Although these aesthetics were created by the artist's creativity themselves they are examples of a good brand image. Recognition by imagery alone.

Talking to musicians and influencers their biggest fear surrounding working with wardrobe stylist is that they're afraid the stylist is going to change their image making them look like everyone else and into someone they're not. I can tell you that this is the furthest thing from the truth. We go off of them, their brand and audience and what would support it all. The stylist and/or image consultant may at times encourage you to widen your horizons while also putting you on to strategies that will increase your brand, but they should never force anyone to do something you're uncomfortable with.

Change can be scary, but it is necessary with elevation. You can't rely on free apps to support you entire career. While it may be a good start and I understand that budgeting can be a struggle for some, especially in todays time of extreme inflation, investing in your brand is detrimental to its success. A lot of rappers and influencers of today tend to cash out on custom diamond chains and jewelry, rental cars and expensive luxury brands to make themselves look more appealing. Rather than paying thousands of dollars for a false image, invest at least one tenth of that towards building a team. The price of a luxury bag or a car that’s only being used for an Instagram post can go a long way towards ones career. Hire a professional to worry about your image and strategically put it together rather than blow money on frivolous things.

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