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How To Create A Style Board


What is a style board? It's pretty much like a vision board, but for an outfit.

When I'm styling a client I curate a style board consisting of items, from tops and bottoms to shoes and accessories, that creates an outfit. I'll also create them to practice and showcase my fashion style and aesthetic.

If you're on the fashion side of the internet you've probably come across these boards. Might even have them saved for fashion inspiration.

I curate my style boards on my phone with four basic apps:

  • Pintrest

  • Safari/Google

  • SmartCloset

  • PicsArt

I start usually with one item. Mainly shoes or the top. Whichever is the statement piece is what I'll start with and work around that. I'll use Google images or sometimes SmartCloset. After I research and curate the final look I go to Pintrest to find a wallpaper/texture for the backdrop of the board. I personally like to do this to compliment the look as well as establish the tone of the outfit. Once I find a complimentary backdrop the tedious part comes into play.


I use PicsArt to make the final board. I start with the wallpaper and attach the images of the clothing pieces and accessories. I use the premium version of Picsart so i have access to all the features, but its not needed just to copy and paste items. It makes it faster, but the

free version is still useable. I like the align the pieces as if someone was wearing them as best as i can. I like for the client to envision what it would look like put together. Once

the board is complete I stamp it w/ my business logo (where it cannot be cropped out).

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