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Fashion Industry Career Roles: Styling Edition

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The fashion industry is an ever growing industry. With it comes many roles to support it. Just one photo alone for an ad campaign can take about roughly ten people to make it happen. As a stylist explaining to people that one photo or one outfit requires not only weeks of work, but a team to put it all together gets shocked reactions.

As time goes by more roles are introduced in the fashion industry. At one point the Fashion Stylist had to also be the Creative Director. It wasn't until recent years that Creative Director became its own role. Part of being a creative means taking on many roles and even multitasking at times, but fortunately today these roles have been made so too much work and responsibility doesn't have to fall all under one person making the projects easier to accomplish. In this article we list and break down a few of the roles and careers within the fashion industry based on styling:

  • Costume Designer:

A Costume Designer is the one who designs costumes for film, television and stage production. They are responsible for character development through their outfits making sure it coincides with the scenes and story. i.e: Patricia Fields, Ruth E. Carter, Jean Paul Gualtier.

  • Fashion Stylist:

A Fashion Stylist is in charge of dressing clients putting together their looks for live appearances, ad campaigns, music videos, marketing/promotions, editorials and red carpets as well. The fashion stylist does not have to design and sew together outfits, although they can. Rather they formulate an outfit creating a look for said client. i.e: Misa Hylton, Deandre Tristan, Jason Bolden

  • Wardrobe Stylist:

A wardrobe stylist pretty much has the same role as the fashion stylist, but a more technical position. Involved more with celebrities, television, film and theater. i.e: Brett Alan Nelson, Law Roach, June Ambrose

  • Creative Director:

Creative Directors are responsible for the whole image and orchestration of the brand. Oversees the fashion house or brand. i.e: Rihanna for Puma, Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton and Lady GaGa for Polaroid.

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